Efficient Knowledge Management

According to researchers, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day. A quintillion is a 1 with 18 zeroes. But data alone are not an asset; you need to link them to make a difference.

Check out the video to discover how Mindbreeze, as an enterprise search solution, supports businesses in keeping and extending their knowledge lead.

How do businesses go about doing this?

Some departments are hunters and gatherers who focus on piling up data, while others hold infinite meetings to attempt to structure things. A confused situation and many business then suddenly realise: "I know that I know nothing" – profound words from ancient Greece designed to unmask sham knowledge.

The solution here is enterprise search systems that intelligently link all existing data to generate information, and then serve up this information through simple search queries. At the end of the day, business is always about a small but decisive knowledge lead.

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The enterprise search solution by Mindbreeze offers many benefits

  • The solution is highly-automated and thus virtually maintenance free.
  • Mindbreeze does not try to integrate: the data stay where they are generated (SAP or on your CRM system). Mindbreeze uses standard connectors to dock with the data, and generates a knowledge database that does not replicate the original data, but introduces a meta level that quickly collates information and allows data to be found quickly.
  • Because your data are left unchanged, departments can still work with their preferred systems (e.g.,:SAP, Salesforce or SharePoint) and are additionally empowered to leverage the strengths of enterprise search from within these systems: this means all the pertinent facts on a specific topic in a 360-degree view generated from logical and smart linking of this information.
  • Cost is another strong point. Mindbreeze provides the search solution as an appliance or as a cloud solution.

Mindbreeze helps you to profitably collate all the data and information that exist within the enterprise and are produced day by day.


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