Website Search

Website Search as a Cloud Service

Cloud Computing has significant advantages: low capital expenditure for hardware, software and roll-out projects. A clear calculation for operational expenditure. High scalability and performance. This is certainly true for website search in the cloud, because search has high demand for resources and is therefore cost intense, in particular for large websites. Mindbreeze InSpire for cloud services is Software-as-a-Service in a Public Cloud. The website search is available instantly and globally. And it offers incredibly high service levels and search performance.

semantic search index
One semantic search index for all information

Mindbreeze InSpire unlocks all the information on an enterprise website in a semantic search index. It reveals semantic interrelations and gives data a meaning.

For example: Mindbreeze InSpire recognizes the author of a published article. Thereby, it is easy to navigate from an article's author to all the articles which were written by that author.

Search Tabs
Search tabs

Generate search tabs to customize the searching experience for your website visitors. Give them the quickest and most intuitive route out of the darkness.

  • Enter a search term into the search field.
  • Click on the plus symbol next to the tab "Everything".
  • Give the tab a name and click "Create Search Tab".
  • All results for mobile are now displayed in their own tab.

You can create as many tabs as you like.

Search results. Refined.

Delve deeper with intuitive search facets that allow you to set precise parameters. If you imagine that search tabs light up the right street, search facets illuminate the right house.

  • Click the button “Edit Facets” at top right of the search box.
  • Hover over the different facets and click the plus symbol to add them.
  • Drag and drop facet blocks into the desired order.
  • Delete facet blocks via the minus symbol.
  • Click apply to save your changes.
InSpire inside your site.
InSpire inside your site

Happy with the search on your demo page? Then share it with your website visitors...

  • Copy the first code snippet from the bottom of your demo page.
  • Paste it into your website's source code where you want the search field to appear.
  • Copy the second code snippet.
  • Paste it into the body element of the source code.

…And you’re done!