Customer Service

Customers have come to expect fast and effective support from a good service team – ideally around the clock and every day of the week. Keeping an informed overview of all the information inside the company that relates to customer requests is an absolute prerequisite for satisfying customer demands.

Intelligent insight engines can already handle this: They deliver the information that is relevant, unburdening employees from repetitive tasks and freeing up time and capacity for more demanding responsibilities.

To this end, insight engines such as Mindbreeze InSpire deliver comprehensive 360 - degree views of essential customer data across locations and departments.

Mindbreeze InSpire simplifies customer service by:

  • Optimizing the entire service chain from self - service to the support desk to the expe rts
  • Enabling personalized communication with customers, which lays the perfect foundation for rapid, targeted problem solving
  • Providing an efficient way to nurture customer relationships and prevent customers from switching to the competition
  • Minimizing information loss
  • Stimulating employee efficiency and productivity – optimizing the KPIs


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Mindbreeze InSpire in Customer Service

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