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Generating added value from data is currently one of the hottest topics for organizations worldwide since data that has been stored for years can bring enormous added value for the company – if correctly analyzed – and interpreted and can in the last instance optimize the daily information processes of Customer Service, Research and Development, Purchasing or Sales. For this rapidly growing volume of information (big data) within companies, Mindbreeze offers a wide range of consulting services as well as professional solutions based on enterprise search and cognitive information insight in order to edit corporate knowledge.

  • Business strategy: Close your information gap and be more competitive! Mindbreeze helps you to identifying critical information processes and find the right business strategy. Our experts have long-time experience in information technology.
  • Technology and data: Mindbreeze shows organization opportunities to optimize their IT organization, create sustainability and work more efficiently. We help you to turn your technology goals into business wins.
  • Search App Designer: The Search App Designer developed by Mindbreeze enables users to design their own applications, even if they have no programming knowledge. This means that different needs in the departments can be met quickly by means of individual search applications.

​Mindbreeze has more than a decade experience in the following fields:

  • Enterprise Search
  • Knowledge Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data

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