Sales are the backbone of every business. Without a well functioning sales department, a company can't hope to achieve sustainable growth based on continuous customer acquisition. As products become increasingly replaceable and the next provider is just a click away, boosting the efficiency of the sales process is swiftly gaining relevance.

The individual sales units (pre-sales, direct sales, post-sales) as well as the wide range of communication channels and contact points make it increasingly difficult to keep an overview of all the customers and consistently deliver the best possible service and support. That's because each point along the way generates valuable knowledge, but communication both within and between the sales units is rarely fully transparent. Critical information about processes and customers often vanishes into departmental silos, even when there are standardized handover processes in place. The first step towards simplifying sales processes and making them leaner is to make all information available at any time without lengthy and tedious searching.

This is where Mindbreeze InSpire provides support for:

  • Generating sustainable and steady growth
  • Continuously acquiring and retaining customers
  • Cultivating customer relationships to prevent switching
  • Identifying market potential and leveraging it effectively to respond and move ahead before other market players
  • Optimizing the information flow between the individual sales units
Sales 360


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