Companies are driven by constant change and need to be able to respond consistently to emerging competitors, market trends, political conditions, regional and local circumstances, and even seasonal fluctuations.

As a consequence, business es on the cutting edge are seeking to get a head start on the competition by analyzing their collected data to leverage the knowledge. Thus, companies often invest enormous effort and expense to implement tools ranging from business intelligence to enterprise resource planning software that shed light on some aspects of their own information treasure trove. But especially in day - to - day business, these tools don’t always deliver the results companies need, not least be cause they don’t facilitate knowledge transfer across departments.

Mindbreeze InSpire is capable of analyzing all existing corporate data from both in - house and external data sources, linking it semantically and making it accessible to employees across departments, keeping access authorization in mind. As a result, Mindbreeze InSpire makes it possible to:

  • Make fact - based, big - picture decisions
  • Transfer knowledge effectively across all departments and locations
  • Optimize cooperation and teamwork, which leads to increased productivity


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