Search is a misnomer. When we ‘search,’ we aren’t looking for documents, spreadsheets or video files. We’re looking for answers, for ideas, for insight.

That’s why today’s biggest companies need more than a document search tool to sift through billions of articles of data accumulated over the years.

They need an insight engine.

360-degree View

In order to obtain a comprehensive overview, Mindbreeze InSpire combines, links, and clearly displays all relevant data.

Product Features

Product Features

Mindbreeze InSpire offers a variety of functions to make the search for relevant information fast and efficient.

Humanized Big Data

Knowledge Management

Mindbreeze InSpire helps you leverage the rising tide of data and information profitably and effectively.

Self-learning System

GSA Replacement

Mindbreeze InSpire is the perfect replacement for the Google Search Appliance and even provides functional added value.


Context-relevant Information

Medical Cockpit

Through semantic analysis and networked searching, Mindbreeze InSpire facilitates major progress in clinical and research environments.

Deep Content Analytics and Machine Learning

Website Search

Mindbreeze InSpire delivers excellent search capability across all your portals, websites, blogs, and social media channels.