The secret behind Enterprise Search is that it’s more than just a simple search field.


As a Big Data Technology Enterprise Search has to be in the position to use all data within the company for one own’s end. Here we talk about a 360 degree view on customers or products. Customer’s information is mostly stored in several formats on different platforms. A user needs to connect all this information with one single search that allows an intelligent view on all the data.


Fields of applications for Mindbreeze:

  • Customer Care | Service Center
  • Healthcare
  • eGovernment
  • Insurance Industry
  • Intranet | Internal Knowledge Bases
  • Content Sharing
  • Newsflash | Show content automated


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Exclusive Examples


Chamber of commerce Upper Austria

The Chamber of Commerce in Upper Austria uses the Mindbreeze Search for the Call Center. There are over 1200 organizations within the Chamber. No Call Center Agent can be a specialist in all those fields. So it is necessary to have all the information available within seconds. A simple list of search results wouldn’t be the solution in this case, for there is too less time to see all those results in detail. A logical conjunction of all information is needed to grant access to all the knowledge within seconds. 


Image is an Austrian news portal for small and middle class companies. At the moment there are about 14.000 articles available. The main challange was to provide information fast and easy. The task sounds simple, but that’s not. The main solution to represent the whole stored knowledge was our Information Pairing – Technology, dynamic and semantic searches recognize relations between objects like documents, persons e-mails, calendar entries and combine this information from different sources.

The result: The reader gets an overview of all searched topics. Further more the system connects predefined searches that fill the areas (“Top Thema”) of the main page with information from different topics. This search is not noticeable as a search for the user.

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