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Information is amassing at such speed, yet we demand access just as quick.

At Mindbreeze, we are commited to the creation of pioneering search based technology.
Our groundbreaking services enable you to illuminate every piece of relevant information easily and quickly across all platforms.

Light in your site.
Cloud based website search.
Turns information into insight.
Light up your enterprise.
The enterprise search appliance.
Turns information into inspiration.

Meet InSite

Website search in the cloud

The Mindbreeze InSite cloud service delivers superior search functionality for your customers across all your web portals, websites, blogs and social media channels.

Mindbreeze InSite turns information into insight.

Meet InSpire

The enterprise search appliance for knowledge workers.

The future of a company depends on how it utilises its information. Mindbreeze InSpire offers a quick and extensive search through all your company's data sources. Shine a light on all your data with the power of semantic search.