Automated document processing in the age of digital transformation

Mindbreeze distributes incoming mail and electronic documents digitally – at the right time to the right departments and employees. This allows companies to optimize their business processes and save money. And customers really appreciate the short response time.

95.6% Detection rate
97.4% Data extraction
92% Increase in efficiency
100% Linearly scalable throughput
You've got mail!
You've got mail!

The cost pressure is rising, especially in operational areas. Manual mail pre-processing or sorting, data collection, as well as the distribution of incoming mail and electronic documents like faxes, e-mails with attachments, and posts from social media channels are time-intensive, expensive, and notoriously error-prone. Finding real cost-saving solutions is a growing imperative.

The solution is Mindbreeze InSpire
The solution is Mindbreeze InSpire

Mindbreeze InSpire is an insight engine that provides and processes enterprise data for modern and intuitive search. Semantic analysis technologies can also be leveraged in a classification setting. Mindbreeze InSpire is an intelligent, self-learning system for automated document processing, and is delivered as an appliance (hardware + software). The appliance is immediately ready for use and can be integrated into corporate systems/workflows using standard connectors. Mindbreeze extracts content, such as customer numbers (metadata) from unstructured texts, and uses semantics to recognize whether the document is an application or an order (document type). When it comes to understanding information and recognizing semantic relationships in huge volumes of data, machine learning algorithms have tremendous advantages.

Why Mindbreeze InSpire

Automating brings a high potential for savings

… by automating manual activities, you can focus your time on your core business.

Higher service quality and customer satisfaction

… a clear competitive advantage and an absolute "must-have" to meet the challenges of today's market.

Future business sustainability

… so that you can automatically process modern input channels such as WhatsApp, forums, e-mails with attachments (multichannel-in) for tomorrow's Generation Y customers.


… with text classification in over 39 languages.

Here’s what our customers have to say

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Siegbert Schwaighofer
„Already in the PoC it was apparent that the success rate of Mindbreeze in the area of classification clearly eclipsed anything the competition had to offer, and because it is a self-learning system, there was minimal implementation effort to boot, which is why we chose Mindbreeze. The success rate in our production operation/live-system is currently between 85 % and 95 %“
Siegbert Schwaighofer, IT Core Systems at Wüstenrot

The advantages of Mindbreeze InSpire

  • Appliance means a rapid start-up

    • One, two, or even three? The appliance is scalable and can be customized to fit your budget and needs
    • Best Practice: Mindbreeze is the search engine of choice at well-known international companies, because it achieves an accuracy of well over 90% - a result nothing short of exceptional in this environment
    • Reusability of tried and tested concepts, such as backup/recovery
  • A little mailroom with a big throughput

    • 100% throughput for up to 5,000 documents per appliance/hour
    • Black box processing: Manual forwarding is a thing of the past
  • Digital mail service and no more forms

    • Whether e-mails, letters, or social media posts - Mindbreeze recognizes more than 500 file formats from more than 450 data sources
    • Self-learning process for classification without lengthy and tedious set-up of specs and rules.
  • No manual data acquisition – instead, the highest data quality

    • Validation options using check digits or real-time queries against the master data.
    • Enrichment of extracted metadata.
  • Supplement existing systems with a "classification service"

    • Mindbreeze supplements existing enterprise systems/workflows with a classification service.

Intelligent, self-learning and self-optimizing

Semantical Pipeline
Semantical Pipeline

But how is classification of documents even possible without complex rules? The secret lies in deep learning. Deep learning is part of artificial intelligence, a mechanism by which systems learn from examples of the past. Mindbreeze self-learns by collecting important information from training documents, saving it, and using it going forward. With deep learning, this data is even further developed and enriched by new insights. Learning is an ongoing process. This allows Mindbreeze to continually expand its knowledge. New insights are linked to the previous knowledge and the intelligent appliance recognizes correlations. The prerequisite for this is the storage and evaluation of large amounts of data.

Error-tolerant alignment of master data: Unstructured data is analyzed by aligning it with company-internal master data. Mindbreeze associates names with customer numbers and can deliver enriched information. Mindbreeze can also validate or correct incorrect metadata, such as a customer name.


Multichannel-In und Multichannel-Out

With its 450 connectors, the appliance can be connected to any data source. Mindbreeze understands documents in over 500 file formats. This allows documents to be processed quickly and automatically, and then transferred to the appropriate business processes, applications, and content repositories.

Management dashboard, online reports, and analyses

Fabasoft app.telemetry
Fabasoft app.telemetry

Fabasoft app.telemetry allows you to monitor the automated processing of the document based on real transactions. These include reports for the classification service via throughput, response time behavior, and the recognition rate per document type.

A solution for all business sectors

Incoming mail processing

Incoming mail processing

Data and mail come in all shapes and sizes. Multichannel IN/OUT means that regardless of source and format ̶ e-mail, letter, fax, online form, social media channel, or scan site location ̶ Mindbreeze classifies the processes according to the technical requirements and extracts all necessary data to ensure faster, automated, and highly cost-efficient processing.

Automate your mailroom!

Shared Service

Shared Service

Take advantage of Mindbreeze as a classification service right out of the box. Once this service is installed, you’ll discover how easy it is to use it for a number of areas ̶ that’s Mindbreeze’s multi-client capability. With the self-learning process and the rapid integration into your system landscape, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Optimize your processes and multiply the benefits!

Multifunctional scanner

Multifunctional scanner

Digitize applications, delivery notes, orders, receipts, or customer communications directly from your multifunctional scanner right in your office. The process is classified automatically by Mindbreeze and assigned to the correct customer or project in your ECM, ERP system.

Centralize your mailroom!

Put an end to the scanning chaos

Put an end to the scanning chaos

Pre-sorting by department, client, or contact person is no longer necessary. Open your documents, separate them using separator sheets, and let Mindbreeze do the rest – automatically.

Modernize your work process and have time for more!

PoC – Try us out for a month!

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