Flood of Information in Healthcare

A large amount of digital information is generated for each patient in a health care institution. These data are stored in different formats and distributed across multiple sources.

Important information comes from internal sources such as the hospital information system (doctors' letters, laboratory findings, etc.), and from drug databases (KHIX/SIS), catalogues (e.g., ICD 10), electronic patient files (ePa) and also external sources, such as the Cochrane Library.

On the one hand, efficient knowledge management needs to network the many different items of information, but it also needs to classify and understand content, for example, from text documents/dictations.

Filters are designed to quickly limit and evaluate the data. These filters display, for example, medication, classification as per ICD-10, significant laboratory findings, or the documenting organisational units.

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In particular, it must be possible to efficiently analyse and find unstructured information. Screenshot Healthcare
Dr. Lukas Drabauer
„The ability to search up-to-date scientific texts, SOPs, guidelines and working group recommendations in a focused manner in scenario-relevant patient documentation and premium sources on the Internet using Mindbreeze InSpire is one that is used intensively at our institute. Classic search engines on the Internet are often useless.”
Dr. Drabauer from the Medical Simulation Centre in Linz also appreciates the benefits of Mindbreeze InSpire compared with classical search engines

For more details, such as collating information from various internal and external course, follow this link.


The doctor on the case

is looking for information on patients, diagnoses, medication, doctors' letters, and other documents.

The medical researcher

is looking for symptoms/criteria – diagnoses and treatment types.

Areas that benefit

DRG-coding, medical controlling, controlling, research and sciences, clinical practice, QM, and other fields of application.

Mindbreeze understands your information

Inhalte verstehen

For doctors and medical professionals, the document searches (via metadata in the HIS environment) and clinical evaluations play an important role. A professional search function offers the ability to identify medical coherencies. Clinical routine can be efficiently supported by quickly providing information on similar, earlier cases. Similarly, specific patterns in clinical findings/diagnoses/medication can be found and compared in a targeted way.

Mindbreeze InSpire is useful for semantic analysis and searching in the hospital environment and in research. To discover how Mindbreeze InSpire can be deployed, among other applications, in an ELGA environment, check out the presentation "Intelligent search engines in an ELGA environment" from the HL7 Annual Conference 2014.

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