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The Mindbreeze InSite cloud service delivers superior search functionality for your customers across all your web portals, websites, blogs and social media channels. Mindbreeze InSite turns information into insight.

Why InSite?

Mindbreeze InSite unlocks structured and unstructured information on web portals, web sites, blogs and social media channels for an enterprise in a semantic search index. Thereby, web site visitors always find the essential enterprise information first.

  • Finds everything
  • Finds across multiple websites
  • The most important search result first
  • Finds the quickest way
  • Shows what your website visitors can't find
  • Illuminates your mobile business
  • Maximum Benefit. Minimum effort.
  • Multiple Awards

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That's what our customers say

Claudia Zettel,

„As an Austrian technology portal I’m pleased to be able to integrate an Austrian search on futurezone. It fits our concept perfectly of putting Austrian ideas and companies in the limelight. With Mindbreeze we’ve gained one of the leading search machine developers as a partner. This allows us to fulfill and understand the information needs of our website visitors with more speed and more precision.“, Claudia Zettel

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