With continuously increasing data connection speeds, data movement increases too. These vast amounts of data make it difficult for companies to provide their employees with relevant information. Enterprise search solutions help to maintain control over the relentless data flood.
After the success of last year, in January 2013 Austria’s leading technology portal once again started its campaign to support candidates in their search for an internship in the IT sector. Mindbreeze was also once again happy to put internship places up for grabs
With the 2013 Summer Release we’ve further improved what we already had and added new and exciting features. Our Mindbreeze products and Mindbreeze websites have been redesigned to better fit our customer needs. With Mindbreeze InSite we provide our customers with a cloud service for professional website search. Simply register for a free 10 day trial on our website.
An important factor regarding mobile devices is responsive design. All Mindbreeze widgets and user interface components are based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards and deliver an optimal display on any interface and for any device size.
This document gives you a quick overview of the new features from the Mindbreeze 2013 Spring Release.