Suddenly it happens.
The supplier you trust is either taken over, insolvent, or lets the product "die" (end-of-life).

If you are facing the imminent end of your enterprise search application or a supplier takeover, you urgently need to address the risk of application uncertainty and find a replacement. Old applications increase the risk of cyber attacks and data leaks.

As one of the leading companies in the field of knowledge management (with a focus on insight engines and enterprise search), we are not only a perfect replacement for your legacy system, but also a future-proof alternative for advancing and implementing your company’s next innovations.

Why Mindbreeze

Fifteen years of experience, an outstanding research and development team, and many of the world’s largest companies as our satisfied customers are what sets us apart.

Our product Mindbreeze InSpire was developed to elegantly fulfill even the most complex customer requirements while at the same time achieving the fastest possible added value. Mindbreeze InSpire is now established worldwide as a true standard product solution that can also be ideally tailored to specific situations.

Mindbreeze offers replacement for your legacy solution:

  • Google Search Appliance
    Update your GSA with the AI-based insight engine from a global industry leader.

    Replace your GSA with Mindbreeze

  • Microsoft FAST
    Migrate to a cognitive search platform that is innovative and scales with your business. With Mindbreeze, you work together with colleagues who have outstanding expertise in FAST migration.

    Take on the challenge posed by supplier acquisition and the lack of an innovative roadmap by working with us to make "meaning-based computing" a reality.

  • Attivio
    Since the news from October 23, 2019, you have been uncertain as to how things will continue and want to solve the problem proactively instead of being presented with a fait accompli. We’re happy to help you with a timely migration.

Intelligent knowledge management based on insight engine technology enables your employees to provide the information they need to be competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

The underlying technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, integrating natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to provide companies with more effective real-time insight for optimizing business in customer service, manufacturing and supply chain management, R&D innovation, and a variety of other information-driven business areas.

Screenshot Mindbreeze Client 360 degree view of a component


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