Human Resources Management

As it becomes increasingly clear just how critical knowledge is for the commercial success of a company, the expertise of individual employees is steadily growing in importance.

Careers today are no longer linear, and fewer and fewer people spend their entire lives in the profession they originally “chose.” Employees are switching from one industry to another, often bringing experience from quite disparate fields into the new company. Frequently, it is exactly this kind of technical and detailed knowledge that makes a major contribution to a company’s success.

Rapid change makes getting and keeping an overview of the existing knowledge held by the entire workforce more difficult, yet it remains a decisive competitive factor. Intelligent solutions can match requirements with existing skills to help you locate the right person for the job in no time.

Mindbreeze InSpire supports the HR department by:

  • Searching for subject matter experts
  • Optimizing entire procedures and processes within the company
  • Boosting the productivity of the HR department
  • Planning the available resources
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