Mindbreeze InSpire Product Features

Mindbreeze InSpire is delivered as a pre-installed Enterprise Search Appliance Box. Put the server box into the rack. Configure data sources. Start information crawling.

Mindbreeze InSpire updates the search index for new and updated information quickly. The time interval can be configured for updating the index every 10 minutes.

Seamless Integration

Mindbreeze InSpire enables the connection of different data sources via connectors, as well as a seamless integration into various applications and programs. This allows the system to be easily used with programs like Jive, SharePoint and Outlook, and ensures that users find all the essentials right away.

Simple architecture. Easily scalable.

Complex server structure
Mehrere Mindbreeze InSpire Appliances - Einfach skalierbar.
Component Conventional Search Solutions Mindbreeze InSpire
Servers Buy 1 or more servers Included
Storage Buy RAID storage Included
Configuration & Performance Tuning 1-3 IT FTEs Included
Hardware, O/S, Application Maintenance 1-3 IT FTEs Included
Implementation $50K - $500K Included
Software, Maintenance 20% per Year Included
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