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GSA Replacement - So Long Google Search Appliance

Since the Google Search Appliance's EoL (End of Life) in 2018, many vendors advise a re-evaluation of the requirements for an enterprise search system. We see things differently: When done in the right way, a migration doesn’t have to spin out of control and turn into a big project. Quite the contrary!

Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance Google Search Appliance
Carlos Meyer
"After a year of intense cooperation with Mindbreeze and the switch from many Google Search appliances, we can only confirm that we made the right choice. For any GSA customers in Latin America and also for GSA partners who are currently performing a manufacturer evaluation, we are pleased to act as a contact source about best practices."
Tec360 Logo Carlos Meyer Amor, Director de Consultoría y Desarrollo of TEC360 Insights

Why Mindbreeze InSpire?

1 Technology

We made sure all features that you know and love from the GSA are available with Mindbreeze InSpire as well.

2 Simplicity at Scale

There’s a huge difference between an appliance and a software stack. That’s why we decided ten years ago to approach search as a plug and play product, deployed as an appliance.

3 Connectors

Out-of-the-box, Mindbreeze InSpire comes with connectors for more than 450 sources. Every source that was covered by the GSA is covered by Mindbreeze as well. Moreover, with the “GSA Facade” for Mindbreeze InSpire, we make sure that your custom GSA connectors can still be in place.

4 High-end features

Enterprise Search goes far beyond a search box and a result list. Mindbreeze InSpire uncovers, organizes and semantically analyzes data to allow existing or synthesized information to be illuminated proactively or interactively. Mindbreeze respects the context of the digital workers, continuously providing highly accurate and relevant information.

5 Ease of use: Administration and Maintenance

The Mindbreeze Management Center provides a central web-based console to maintain all of your appliances from one point.

6 Professional support

Mindbreeze has a global OEM contract with Dell, so all appliances are produced directly by Dell, and we rely on a strong international network to support your appliance, regardless of where it is located.

Replace the GSA with Mindbreeze in just a few simple steps


Mount the appliance

Plug and play. Just as you are used to from your GSA.

Mirror your GSA

Mirror your GSA

Convert existing GSA configuration to a Mindbreeze InSpire configuration with our migration tools and experience from your Mindbreeze partner.

Configure your data sources

Configure your data sources

- with over 450 available connectors, and keep your custom connectors running via our Google adaptor.

Search App Designer
Search App Designer

Build search apps

- with the Mindbreeze Search App Designer. No more XSLT needed.

Download Booklet "Best Practice: Replace the Google Search Appliance"

Our team is personally available to answer any of your questions about Mindbreeze as your GSA successor. After submitting the form you will receive the download-link to the booklet via E-mail.
Booklet GSA to Mindbreeze

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Features Google Search Appliance Mindbreeze InSpire
Connectors For many common sources 3rd party connectors needed 450 different sources connectable out-of-the-box
Changeable relevancy models Biasing rules on Data, Source or Metadata Attributes Customizable relevancy
Search Apps XML transform with XSLT into HTML (not HTML 5) Easily created by the end-user or end-user friendly using a Wizard
Easy to scale
Semantic support (entity recognition, taxonomies, machine/deep learning,...) Through third party Semantic engine
Visual preview Only for PDF, Word and PowerPoint for all document types
Advanced query reports Limited
Advanced crawling/indexing reports Limited
Software telemetry for real-time operations management -
Easy to extend with plugins
Connectors can be deployed on the appliance Deprecated now on GSA All Connectors are external
Pushing of data to the appliance (Push)
ACL inheritance
Metadata references (graph relations) -
Preview images (thumbnails) Only for PDF, Word and PowerPoint
Advanced preview images (even for file types like Excel files) Only for PDF, Word and PowerPoint
Feedback button with advanced support functionality -
Support included
Output formats XML, HTML XML, JSON, HTML, ProtocolBuffer
Click Through analytics for documents/urls Advance Search Report with extendable Click Protocol
Custom synonyms for each collection -
Available as fully managed service -
Proximity search -
Facet filters understand different semantic types (date, numbers, etc.)
Search across one, many or all collections Max 1000 results per query
International support
Global 500 customers as references
Export of all results for a query possible Max 1000 results per query
Search-driven BI support -
Easy extensible UI component framework -
Support for custom ETL jobs -
Advanced audit trails (for high-confidential security areas) -