Mindbreeze Academy Subscription

The ongoing innovations and developments of our product bring about continuous optimization of our training content and options for use.

Our Mindbreeze Academy subscription provides a way to keep your Mindbreeze InSpire configuration expertise up to date or even deepen it through exclusive training content.

The Mindbreeze Academy subscription includes:

Mindbreeze Academy offerings

Mindbreeze online courses are a modular form of the Mindbreeze training. In contrast to conventional courses, you can choose the training content yourself. Each course incorporates a great deal of practical work and includes a temporary Mindbreeze InSpire environment for the duration of the training. A video guides you through every task – from task definition to its implementation.

All Courses

Mindbreeze Training illuminates all relevant features of Mindbreeze InSpire and explains these hands-on using practical examples. In this five-day training course, all topics are covered in a condensed format. This makes it particularly well suited as an introductory training course. To become a Mindbreeze Certified Expert, students take an exam at the end of the training program.

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Price: USD 7000 / EUR 5000 (excl. VAT) per person per year

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