Question of the Customers

Companies need to offer customers an outstanding service. At best 24/7 availability for answering questions, regardless of whether these inquiries come via the website, social media or phone.


Customer Service online

Websites are increasingly the first point of call for customer inquiries.

This is a win-win situation.


Customer Service online with Mindbreeze InSpire

The customer can find the information they need regardless of call centre opening times and companies can more easily and efficiently communicate best practice guides for their products and services.Mindbreeze InSpire ensures that website visitors quickly find the answers to their questions, thereby increasing service quality and reducing the number of inquiries that need to be answered by the call centre. 

Call Center

Challenge for Call Center
Call Center

Call center team members are the proverbial all-rounders. Always under time pressure. Irritated customers. A wide range of questions. Always needing the right answer to hand. 

Call center team members cannot possibly know all the details themselves all the time. Short product cycles, diverse areas of expertise etc. make call centre inquiries a complex minefield. To answer customer inquiries, call center employees often need to search through up to 20 different data sources. 


Kundenservice im Call Center mit Mindbreeze InSpire

Mindbreeze InSpire is the efficient grafter in the background. It links and finds information in internal and external data sources and delivers relevant search results. 

Even if a certain call center team member doesn’t have access rights to searched for information they find the relevant contact person and can transfer the customer.

Funnel for the perfect customer service

  • Website
  • Call Center
  • Specialist department


Perfectly harmonising these elements results in best-in-class customer service.

Mindbreeze InSpire already has a best practice!


Mindbreeze InSpire makes your customer service even more efficient and enables the best possible customer service. Download the case study here.

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