360° Customer View

A sales employee creates a new offer based on the information from the CRM system. He is unaware of the unsettled invoice on the SAP system and the complaint on the ticketing system. The customer is annoyed when the employee calls and responds: "Take care of my complaint first, before you bother me with a new offer!".


Businesses store customer data on different platforms and in a variety of formats, and that makes it difficult to achieve complete visibility of the data.


Sales staff often lack this complete view of the customer because they only consider information from the CRM system or email correspondence.

Improve customer satisfaction - find the right information!


As an enterprise search solution, Mindbreeze InSpire identifies and understands the coherencies between data from different systems (CRM, DM, file shares, email systems, etc.). With a single search query in Mindbreeze, sales, accounts, or management personnel can retrieve all existing information for a customer or a business transaction.


However, each department will only see the documents that match their permissions.

Your benefits of Mindbreeze InSpire

  • Overall view of the customer
  • Faster response time for queries
  • Comprehensive information options
  • Satisfied customers
  • Contented staff
  • Integrating social media channels and online platforms into the overall search

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WK OÖ) uses the 360° customer view of Mindbreeze InSpire

The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKOÖ), for example, uses the Mindbreeze search feature in its call center to be able to answer queries quickly and without delay.


Follow this link to discover how Mindbreeze was integrated with the WKOÖ's systems, or check out the video:


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