Customer Service

State-of-the-art customer service knows no business hours and is available anywhere and at any time.

The company website is the most commonly used gateway for customers seeking answers. Customers who cannot find a satisfactory answer using the search function, chatbots, FAQs, blog posts, and general product information will contact the company directly (by phone, e-mail, contact form, etc.). If the support team can’t provide the perfect solution either, the inquiry is forwarded to the experts.

The problem, however, is not a lack of knowledge, but lies instead in the provision of information. No one has the time to do in-depth research. To ensure customer satisfaction, inquiries have to be dealt with immediately or forwarded quickly to the experts, even when the workload is high.

With Mindbreeze InSpire, customer service can be optimized and transformed.



Mindbreeze InSpire makes the most of both conventional website search as well as chatbot solutions. Using natural language processing, Mindbreeze InSpire is capable of answering specific questions instead of merely delivering conventional hit lists or results based on decision trees.


Mindbreeze InSpire empowers call center agents to significantly improve their KPIs. As a result of the higher quality of the answers, it is possible to solve more problems even at the initial inquiry stage.This leads to an increased first fixed visit and throughput rate and enables more requests to be processed per agent per hour.


Using automated allocation based on predictive analytics and machine learning, Mindbreeze InSpire swiftly forwards the information to the appropriate expert. The expert can process the request in an optimal way thanks to the 360-degree view of the customer, the issue at hand, and previous requests.

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