Mergers & Acquisition

Increasingly rapid and dynamic changes in the economy are putting greater pressure on companies. Organic growth alone is often no longer enough to drive corporate success and position the company as a major player in the market.

The merger with or acquisition of suitable candidates opens up new opportunities for companies to use synergy effects, to grow through diversification, to tap into new markets, and/or to expand their product portfolio.

Mindbreeze InSpire provides support at every stage of the transaction by:

  • Providing information rapidly in merger and acquisition activities.
  • Checking the access rights for each information request.
  • Providing important key figures (sales, expenses, assets, share capital, and so on) efficiently and in a personalized format.
  • Intelligently consolidating the company facts (marketing, expansion, strategy, and so on) and thus providing an overall view of the “big picture”.
  • Enabling an information flow across locations, companies, and departments.


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