Dinasur is Mindbreeze Partner of the Year 2022

SEVILLE and LINZ February, 2023 – Mindbreeze, a leading provider of appliances and cloud services in the field of information insight, today proudly announced the winner of its award program. Dinasur is the recipient of the 2022 partner of the year!

Mindbreeze InSpire is an information analytics engine that feeds and processes business data for modern, intuitive search. It is an intelligent self-learning system for automated semantic processing and analysis of documents. Mindbreeze and its global network of partners enable companies to receive knowledge that leads to actionable insights to drive informed and intelligent business decisions, all made possible by extracting and ingesting relevant content from every data source.

Mindbreeze is proud to serve upwards of 2,000 clients from various sectors, including telecommunications, aviation, government bodies, academic institutions, and pharmaceuticals. Mindbreeze InSpire aids all industries by transforming internal and external data into knowledge while enhancing the employee experience by making users more productive and efficient. Mindbreeze’s focus on automation, sustainability, quality of service, and multilingual capabilities are just a few attributes that set them apart from other enterprise search solutions.

Dinasur has been collaborating with Mindbreeze to spread their search technology since early 2017. Dinasur has successfully implemented the Mindbreeze InSpire solution in a wide variety of sectors including finance, insurance, energy, and public administration. In addition, Dinasur has helped numerous companies integrate the insight engine with its internal systems and offer support services for its employees.

The Dinasur team has more than 15 years of experience not only in implementing search engine systems but developing customized components to meet customers requirements and enhance the base solution.

Recently, the Spanish Government chose Mindbreeze InSpire as the best search solution for their needs by the General Secretariat of Digital Administration (SGAD). It is being implemented now in the first portals and will be implemented in the rest of their portals during the upcoming year.

“Dinasur’s focus on providing their clients with the most productive technology is a critical reason why we are recognizing them as partner of the year,” says Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze. “Dinasur’s ability to consult on implementation, be highly available to their clientele, and continuously improve projects has led to a wonderful partnership between our two companies in addition to highly satisfied customers.”

To learn more or to sign up to be a Mindbreeze partner, visit our partner web page: https://www.mindbreeze.com/our-partner.html


About Dinasur
Dinasur are professionals committed to the objective of improving the productivity of their clients through the use of technology.

Dinasur knows how to earn your trust by seeking the satisfaction of all parties involved in a project and always striving for excellence in the tasks they carry out. In addition, after many years working on projects for the implementation of business search solutions, it allows them to affirm they are the ideal team for its implementation in any organization. Their fruitful alliance with Mindbreeze Inspire has allowed them to successfully implement the solution together with large IBEX35 clients and public administrations.