Mindbreeze GmbH is based in Linz, Austria. Mindbreeze is a leading European provider of software products that make finding relevant information from corporate data and the Internet both fast and intuitive. Our products, including Mindbreeze InSite and Mindbreeze InSpire, offer customers a consolidated overview of corporate intelligence, empowering decision-makers in all aspects of their business.

Daniel Fallmann
"I was a science fiction fan as a kid, and I was always fascinated by the ability of computers to understand information and connections - a concept that has not ceased to captivate me to this very day.”
Daniel Fallmann, Mindbreeze founder and CEO

What's new at Mindbreeze?

Fabasoft AG has increased its stake in Mindbreeze GmbH; Mindbreeze takes further steps to advance internationalisation by means of a cash capital increase and the foundation of a US subsidiary

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Mindbreeze headquarter

Mindbreeze GmbH
Honauerstrasse 2
4020 Linz

Tel.: +43 732 60 61 62 - 620

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