How intelligent tools forge the path to becoming a predictive enterprise Do you still remember all the catalogues that used to pile up in the mailbox? People ordered things without any information from customer reviews about the delivery or the product itself. They based their decision entirely on the product description and the picture in the catalogue. It wasn’t until the package arrived that they knew whether the product they ordered was going to be good or worthless. Today this is impossible to imagine. Information about the quality of the product and the delivery is already available beforehand – we don't even have to ask for it.
  Studies show that being able to offer a short response time to complex questions is increasingly becoming the decisive criterion for success in day-to-day corporate competition
 Artificial Intelligence (AI) was one of the main themes of the CeBIT 2017, and its application possibilities seem limitless. These range from autonomous vehicles to robots that help children with their homework − many applications sound as if they came straight out of a science fiction novel.