Vienna. While I was enjoying my delicious breakfast, I skimmed the latest articles of on my smartphone. Suddenly I happened to encounter an article. An article about Tesla’s new visionary production factory “Gigafactory” in the middle of the desert.
While service portfolios in the banking and insurance sectors are analogous, the ever-growing mountain of data resulting from digitization offers a huge opportunity to improve customer service. Automated incoming mail classification allows companies to handle incoming customer inquiries in the areas of finance, insurance and administration far more efficiently, and provides a uniquely compelling way for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. Mindbreeze, a specialist in data analysis and intra-corporate search engines, summarizes the trends in the area of incoming mail classification for 2016.
Every day, companies with intensive customer contact, such as insurance companies, are inundated with a flood of incoming data. The manual processing of incoming mail is particularly time-consuming, but sorting and internal forwarding can actually be automated.
Insurance companies are usually considered flagships for excellence in internal organization, structure and overview. Unfortunately, they are not immune to the tremendous challenges of big data, and are becoming increasingly inundated with vast quantities of information.