Mindbreeze partners with Akeydor Limited to bring customers best-in-class enterprise search solutions

Linz and London, 17 December 2020Mindbreeze is pleased to announce a new partnership with Akeydor Ltd, a specialized IT consulting services company focusing on both out-of-the-box and custom software automation solutions. Akeydor Ltd implements software for remote access, remote support, and classroom management that serves distance and remote contexts for both teaching and learning.

Mindbreeze’s customer base is growing globally with over 2.000 customers worldwide. Helping their customers align with the future of digitization and online learning, the Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine provides quick indexing of data and enables information crawling. Uniting knowledge and information from company-internal data sources into one semantic search index, Mindbreeze InSpire makes analyzing, understanding, and finding of largest volumes of information efficient and easy.

Akeydor Ltd has partnered with Mindbreeze to offer customers a best-in-class cognitive search experience. Through this new partnership, Akeydor Ltd will have the ability to provide customers with the leading service in enterprise search and digital transformation.

“We are excited to launch a new partnership with Mindbreeze. As our customers continue to accelerate their digital transformation in both corporate and classroom settings, they will now receive the highest quality product available on the market for enterprise search,” said Michael Chatzilias, founder and CEO of Akeydor Ltd.

“We warmly welcome Akeydor Ltd into our select group of strategic partnerships. Since our main focus is on enterprise search and artificial intelligence, it helps make this an excellent alliance. Partnering with Akeydor Ltd will allow us to expand into new corporate and educational verticals,” explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.


About Akeydor

Akeydor Limited today is the Leader in Remote Control and Classroom Management Technology. Their philosophy is that leadership is a state of mind, not something that can be taught, and the personalities of leaders make companies thrive. Based in London, United Kingdom and Athens, Greece, Akeydor Ltd has been in business since 2007, bringing customers relevant software solutions for classroom management, endpoint security, and more.