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The information flood in companies and ever stricter compliance requirements are forcing companies to invest heavily in order to store their documents in a legally satisfactory way. All this information (also uniquely filed documents) must be quickly available if needed. Conventional search solutions are inefficient and complicated at this and don’t recognize correlations.

Find quickly with Mindbreeze InSpire

Mindbreeze InSpire

Companies in the insurance industry don’t just have structured information but also vast amounts of unstructured documents such as scanned in customer contracts and policies. Mindbreeze InSpire can generate real value for users here through the semantic analysis of these files – particularly of unstructured information. Because Mindbreeze enables quick and accurate access to relevant data, understands the content and can automatically classify it. This allows policies with content on the topic “disaster control” or related topics to be found and clearly displayed. Quick research saves the user time and effort when looking for information. 

Mindbreeze InSpire offers:

  • All information always at hand, even when on the move
  • Clear display of relevant facts
  • Structuring according to categories via search tabs and filters

Analysis of websites with Mindbreeze InSite

A possible usage scenario is the comparison of insurance offerings from different insurance companies. Mindbreeze InSite processes the content of the individual websites and extracts information such as the performance scope of different insurance packages. Additionally, Mindbreeze offers a search mask that enables an insurance broker to efficiently research the websites of different insurance companies and therefore quickly generate an up-to-date overview of the offerings. 

Moreover, Mindbreeze InSite allows the broker to embed this constantly up-to-date information from insurance provider websites in their own personal website. This means that the broker’s customers are always provided with the most up-to-date information without the broker needing to update anything.

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