Mindbreeze InSpire Snapshot Service


With the help of a Mindbreeze InSpire snapshot, you can make changes to your appliance without having to make them directly on the live system:

  • The changes are implemented solely on the development system
  • Once a change snapshot has been created, it can be automatically applied to the test environment and tested using your CI/CD pipeline
  • After successful testing, the snapshot is deployed on the production system


CI CD Pipeline

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  • Simple integration into an external CI/CD pipeline using the Mindbreeze InSpire SnapshotService API
  • No need for manual adjustments to the test and production systems
  • Changes can be stored and versioned as files (snapshot archive) in a repository and are thereby reproducible, traceable, and audit-proof


You can find more information about the Mindbreeze InSpire snapshot service in our product documentation.

api.v3.admin.SnapshotService Interface Description
Documentation - Mindbreeze InSpire: Parameterization