Novell GroupWise Connector

The Novell GroupWise Connector analyzes, indexes and saves data from Novell GroupWise in Mindbreeze InSpire for uniform information access. Thus the users of Novell GroupWise are able to search data from Novell GroupWise as well as from other linked data sources simultaneously. Due to the user-friendly web client the access to corporate knowledge is fast, clearly laid out and simple.

The Novell GroupWise Connector makes the core competences of Mindbreeze InSpire available to corporations and organizations using Novell GroupWise: comprehensive capturing of structured and unstructured data, a single search request for all linked data sources as well as strict adherence to access rights in the display are understood. Furthermore, Mindbreeze InSpire provides many useful functions, making daily work a lot easier for users of Novell GroupWise, including the intuitive navigation and the user-friendly web client.

Examples of usage: Expert search – who knows what?

A co-worker needs information about the "Cylinder Head CH229" and searches product data base and the corporate wiki. Unfortunately, important issues are left unsolved, so the co-worker needs to find the person with the requisite know-how in the corporation. Not an easy task! With Mindbreeze InSpire, the right person is found very soon. Regardless of whether someone sends product information as an e-mail and attachment or saves documents on a server, with Mindbreeze InSpire the data are quickly recovered. Co-workers who have created this product information are displayed via specifically analysed and structured facets in the Web Client, sorted by the frequency of their information input. This makes the identification of corporate know-how quick and easy.