Mindbreeze is Recognized again on KMWorld's Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management List

Chicago, IL, March 4, 2022 – Mindbreeze, a leading provider of appliances and cloud services in the field of information insight, has again been listed as a top 100 company that matters in knowledge management.

"Businesses are sitting on stacks of data, all carrying valuable information. Assisting companies to use this existing information to optimize their current business processes has been our number one priority. Enterprises are beginning to realize just how many of their processes can be streamlined with proper information insight. Our dedicated Mindbreeze team has done a tremendous job showing this value to our clients. It's an honor to be recognized by KMWorld once again and is a testament to our team's drive and ability to deliver top-of-the-line solutions for our clients," says Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

Mindbreeze InSpire is an artificial intelligence-powered insight engine that uses traditional search methods and sophisticated data analysis methods to interpret business data and provide answers to critical business questions. Mindbreeze InSpire generates high-quality and actionable insights for their customers to make intelligent business decisions.

Over 2,000 companies worldwide use Mindbreeze InSpire to manage their information more intelligently and efficiently.

"While digital transformation was well underway more than 2 years ago, the trend accelerated rapidly when the pandemic hit. It's true that the tumultuous business climate continues unabated, but smart, knowledge-driven organizations have been successfully seizing products and services that help them identify new opportunities, improve customer service, modernize operations, thwart fraudulent activity, make the right information available to staff members who need it, and, when possible, enhance decision making with real-time information," said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. "Against that reality, KMWorld presents the KMWorld 100 for 2022, a list of inventive knowledge management companies whose offerings are targeted at helping organizations expand their use of information and knowledge and accelerate their growth."


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