Mindbreeze InSpire is Trend-Setting Product 2016

Mindbreeze once again received a high score from the KMWorld jury, winning the prestigious KMWorld Trend-Setting Product Award for Mindbreeze InSpire. KMWorld is the United States’ leading magazine for topics surrounding knowledge management systems and content and document management.


“We are exceptionally proud that Mindbreeze InSpire was selected by KMWorld as Trend-Setting Product this year. Getting the information one needs from all the available sources at a given time in the right context can be a real challenge. Our Mindbreeze InSpire appliance offers the perfect replacement for the Google Search Appliance; moreover, it represents a powerful, simple, and scalable search solution that helps many Global 2000 companies improve their ability to harness corporate knowledge and ensure that their search initiatives generate quantifiable top and bottom line impact. Mindbreeze is in a unique position today, not only because we offer an appliance and cloud service on a global scale, but also because we have managed to have a 100% retention rate over the last 11 years and never lost a single customer. Happy customers are the most important success factor,” explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.


KMWorld editor Sandra Haimila says, “Each year we look for software products that break new territory in helping organizations achieve their knowledge management goals. These products are designed, developed and perfectly timed to fill a niche in the marketplace before users are even aware that such functionality and flexibility have been missing. Designated as the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016, these offerings hold the promise for the marketplace.”

The list of all products is available at www.kmworld.com


Mindbreeze InSpire

Mindbreeze InSpire is a high-performance, versatile enterprise search product (insight engine) and big data solution for all data sources within a company. For instance, as standard, Mindbreeze InSpire offers over 450 connectors, open interfaces and configuration options, especially for relevance adaptation and contextualization. A comprehensive semantic pipeline (self-learning semantic analysis) ensures content comprehension. This allows the user a consolidated and continuously up-to-date view on any given topic, such as business cases, customers or products.


In our free-of-charge webinar on September 15, 2016, guest speaker Rowan Curran (Forrester) and Marc Berman (Onix) will outline why “keyword search is obsolete” and will discuss the next steps in enterprise search with powerful, scalable and simple but innovative search solutions.


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