Let Modern Search Solutions Be “The Brains” Of Your Enterprise

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Duration: ca. 45 minutes incl. Q&A
Language: English

September 15, 2016 4:00 pm
- 4:45 pm CEST

Enterprise search solutions have evolved well beyond simple keyword search. Modern search solutions are contextual to provide more relevant results and valuable knowledge that can be accessed directly or be embedded in applications.

In this webinar, Guest Speaker Rowan Curran (Forrester) and Marc Berman (Onix) will outline why “keyword search is obsolete” and will discuss the next steps in enterprise search with powerful, scalable and simple search solutions.

Forrester analyst Rowan Curran sums up the key findings of the Thought Leadership Paper “Let Modern Search Solutions Be “The Brains” Of Your Enterprise” and the current market trends in enterprise search.

Marc Berman, Head of Onix Search, explains why a search appliance and Mindbreeze InSpire represent a powerful, simple, and scalable search solution that will help companies improve knowledge within the enterprise and ensure their search initiatives generate quantifiable top and bottom line impact. Marc is a 9-year veteran of Google Enterprise and the GSA team, before joining ONIX.

After the presentation, the experts will be available to answer questions in the chat.


  • Introduction
  • Forrester
    Key findings of the Thought Leadership Paper
  • Onix
    Why use a search appliance?
  • Question & Answer session


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Our Experts

Rowan Curran
Rowan Curran

Forrester Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals

Marc Berman
Marc Berman

Head of Onix Search