IBM Lotus Connector


Linking IBM Lotus to Mindbreeze InSpire makes data from IBM Lotus Domino/Notes applications available for uniform information access. This not only applies to IBM Lotus Notes information objects such as e-mails, contacts or appointments, but also to other IBM Lotus Domino database applications.


With only one request the user receives exhaustive, processed information that can be acted upon immediately. Results are structured by relevance or date. The user has simultaneous access to corporate knowledge from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino – whilst existing access rights are maintained.

Example of usage: Distributed data sources

A user requires information about an ongoing corporate project named "CMS". It is not exactly known where documents have been filed, or in which applications any material about the "CMS" project has been saved. With Mindbreeze InSpire, the user accesses all linked data repositories with one single request, thus finding saved knowledge faster than by using traditional search methods (at least one search per data source). Mindbreeze provides search results clearly laid out in a window, ready for further use. Mindbreeze supports the user in refining access to information, or to specific content e.g. created by the project leader, by so-called facets.

Read the blog article Mindbreeze and Its Lotus Connector posted by Stephan Arnold, Managing Partner of