Fabasoft Folio Connector

Fabasoft Folio is the standard software product for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Compliance Management, agile Business Processes and Information Governance. The solution provides uniform, reliable and controlled management of digital content in the enterprise. Mindbreeze InSpire links Fabasoft Folio for uniform enterprise-wide information access.

One search – Multiple data sources

Mindbreeze InSpire is able to search all data sources connected to the platform simultaneously. In addition to data from, for example, Microsoft Exchange or the file system, the Fabasoft Folio Connector allows to query information objects and documents from Fabasoft Folio too.

Secure – even for highly dynamic access rights

Fabasoft Folio permits the definition of access rights based on business rules. Fabasoft Folio Connector therefore performs a "live" check of access rights. This ensures that all access rights from Fabasoft Folio are maintained at all times.

Actionable information

This term means that, subject to type of object, search results can be processed with the familiar Fabasoft Folio options straight from the browser.

Interactive search results

Fabasoft Folio recognizes when Mindbreeze InSpire is being used with Fabasoft Folio Connector. The Mindbreeze-embedded client is integrated into the familiar user interface of Fabasoft Folio and provides additional progressive search features such as navigation elements (facets).