Customer Care Center

Particularly in the area of customer care, a 360-degree view is decisive. The range of input channels is expanding, and customers are increasingly using WhatsApp, social media platforms and the like, alongside traditional means of communication such as e-mail or online forms. This increases customer expectation of prompt and high quality answers to queries, while at the same time making it even more difficult to achieve. An insight engine consolidates this myriad of data sources and shapes it into a true 360-degree panoramic view.

An essential characteristic of Mindbreeze InSpire is that search queries can be placed in natural language. Customer care center staff can thus formulate queries intuitively, and don’t have to attend expensive and complicated training courses to learn a new query language. In addition, explicit queries will deliver information that is displayed in a structured form and does not have to be extracted from search results lists (such as a company’s EBIT from a business report). This simplifies the work for customer care service personnel and also shortens the processing time.

Customer Care Center

Proactive analyses, such as whether similar queries have already been successfully processed, are automatically performed by the system and suggested during the query. With corporate knowledge and expertise automatically generated and available to staff across the board, the quality in the customer care area is elevated to a whole new level.


  • Uniform usability across all indexed data sources
  • Reduced training costs through natural language queries (NLQA)
  • Shorter response time through structured results lists
  • High quality processing through proactive analysis