Facts and functionalities

  • 600,000 documents and articles 
  • More than 300 new articles per week 
  • 20,000 search inquiries per day 
  • Updated regularly every day 
  • Relevance via semantic serach


Austria |

"We want stand out from the crowds with a top internet presence. Mindbreeze InSite is a part of this strategy. Our readers value the service of a perfect search. Regardless in which of our portals the information is available, Mindbreeze finds what you’re looking for. Since the search function is operated as a cloud service, we save time and money.”
- Dr. Manfred Weiss


A professional internet presence is a quality criterion for a leading IT publication.Computerwelt is published on different websites, such as the company database and the portals, and Each week brings more than 300 new articles.The existing search was database-based, static and incapable of displaying semantic connections.


With Mindbreeze InSite, readers can search in all Computerwelt online portals. The user finds relevant information at split-second speed thanks to the program’s semantic capabilities. Moreover, the search is easy to use, intuitive and requires no maintenance effort on the client side.


The decision for Mindbreeze InSite came after a successful test in an online demo-system which delivered impressive and convincing results. The cloud service is designed so that Computerwelt editors can configure the search machine themselves according to the requirements of the readers. Tabs were pre-configured, for example, so that results can be displayed sorted by portal. Within 30 minutes the search machine was ready to use; all Computerwelt online portals can now be searched.

Objectives met

Mindbreeze InSite searches through the Computerwelt websites regularly every day looking for changes. These are then processed in the Fabasoft data centers and made searchable. The key factors of the solution: The client has no maintenance effort and can dynamically refine the cloud service themselves at any time.