Zurich University of the Arts uses Mindbreeze Tool

Education Program provides real knowledge management solutions for educational institutions

Zurich / Linz, May 4, 2016 - The Zurich University of the Arts implements Mindbreeze’s "Education Program", which aims to demonstrate to training centers and universities how enterprise search solutions can intelligently link and efficiently use their internal information.

The Zurich University of the Arts, considered a pioneer in the field of knowledge management, has chosen Mindbreeze InSpire as their search tool. In the field of higher education and training, finding information from all the different data sources quickly is just as crucial for the teaching staff as it is for the students.

Christian Wildhaber, network administrator of the university’s Information Technology Centre (ITZ) relates, "We were quickly convinced by and enthusiastic about the simplicity and the overall concept of Mindbreeze InSpire. The Mindbreeze appliance was configured and ready for use on the first day of delivery. We’ve been utilizing it intensively now for 3 months and have received very positive user feedback. Mindbreeze InSpire makes research quick, easy and precise, so that our lecturers, students, researchers and administrative staff are freed up to focus on the daily core operations. "

Education Program

Educational institutions such as universities are complex organizations that have high internal cross-linkage (e.g. teaching, research, administration). Therefore, they possess huge amounts of relevant information that needs to be handled effectively, a task for which enterprise search is perfectly suited. Mindbreeze InSpire makes it easier for students, teachers and all university staff to efficiently access and use the data they need.

About the Zurich University of the Arts

The Zurich University of the Arts with its 2,500 students and 650 lecturers, is among the major art colleges in Europe. The study and research program covers the areas of design, film, art, media, dance, music, theater, art education and transdisciplinarity.