Send objects to Mindbreeze

In order to be able to search, objects first have to lie in the index. This chapter explains how you can send objects from your data source to Mindbreeze.

It’s very easy to make an object searchable – the following lines are all you need to set up an object with the title “title” and the key “1” in the index:

Indexable indexable = new Indexable();

There are a few things to clarify around these lines. First and foremost you have to think about what documents from your data source are relevant for the search.

What objects are there in my data source?

When you want to add a new data source to the search, you should always consider what content is interesting for the users.

This example uses CMIS services as a data source. CMIS offers four different types of objects: folders, documents, relationships and policies. Here only documents are sent.

How are objects sent? Which process takes care of it?

Mindbreeze uses crawlers to send objects to the index. A crawler knows the data source and sends the contained objects for indexing. There’s a crawler for each data source type. For Mindbreeze InSpire there are, among others, a Microsoft Exchange crawler and a Microsoft SharePoint crawler. We offer the same plug-in interface that we use for our crawlers in our SDK.

As a first step you should package the example crawlers as a plug-in and load it onto your appliance. Right click on the file build.xml and select Run As > Ant Build.

In the directory build the plug-in archive is set up.

Now the plug-in needs to be saved in the appliance. To do this open the Mindbreeze configuration user interface and go to the tab Plug-ins. Select the Zip file and confirm with “Upload”.

The plug-in is now installed.

Now set up an index and add a new data source.