Omicron Consulting


Omicron Consulting has been operating in the ICT sector for 30 years serving as a partner for companies to address all phases of computer and technological innovation and the integration of business processes.

The company has grown steadily over time with attention to technological innovation combined with the choice of professionals with vast experience and knowledge, and the Omicron philosophy has always been characterized by a spirit of cooperation and continuous exchange of information and experiences.

During the 80s Omicron entered the national ICT market as a trusted partner of major companies operating in all sectors: Industry, Finance, Insurance, and Public Administration. Starting in the 90s Omicron re structured as a Group, with a strategy of continuous development. This saw a policy of territorial expansion through acquisitions that gave rise to the opening of several operational units distributed throughout Italy: Turin, Milan, Padua, Parma and Rome. "

Omicron Consulting is a big player on the IT market since 1980.