More time for the essentials with Fabasoft Mindbreeze

Structured overview of search results with index tabs

With the new release, Fabasoft Mindbreeze displays search results clearer and more structured. Index tabs break down search results in specific groups and topics. 

That way, users see immediately what documents contain the search term and in what context it is mentioned. With this structured overview, users find what they are looking for much faster.

Daniel Fallmann, founder and managing director of Mindbreeze Software GmbH explains: „It is our goal to tame the information overload. Through semantics and relevance you don’t just get exact results, but also a better overview. If you are searching for files, for example, you will also find relevant documents and not just search result hits that contain the search term.”

The related terms and context become visible through a dynamic search with Fabasoft Mindbreeze. That way, synonyms and taxonomies (classification schemes) are included in the search. 

These new functionalities for Fabasoft Mindbreeze are also available on mobile devices for enterprise data.