Mindbreeze to serve as sponsor at the "Enterprise Search Europe" Conference

Olympia Conference Centre
Hammersmith Road
London W18 8UX

October 20, 2015 to October 21, 2015

Mindbreeze to serve as sponsor at the „Enterprise Search Europe“ Conference  

The "Enterprise Search Europe" conference will be held in London on October 20th-21st. Mindbreeze will be participating as a sponsor of this event, which will feature lectures on the topics of enterprise search and big data.

Effective enterprise search systems are critical allies for businesses in their decision-making, risk management and in dealing with large amounts of data. For this reason representatives from all over Europe and the US attend "Enterprise Search Europe", a conference which also encompasses product presentations. International experts and panelists give examples of practical applications using case studies and also provide tips on how to prepare information in order for it to be searched, found and transported.

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