Mindbreeze Recognized in Report on Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape

Chicago, IL, March 11, 2022 - Mindbreeze, a leading provider of appliances and cloud services in the field of information insight, has been recognized in Forrester’s report “Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape, Q1 2022.” 

Mindbreeze was recognized alongside only 21 other vendors. Mindbreeze was recognized for intelligent document extraction and processing, data protection and information governance, contract analytics, and knowledge management as primary functionalities. 

Download the full report from the Mindbreeze website.


“Mindbreeze feels privileged to be included in the Q1 2022 Forrester Report on Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape. The demand for digitizing document-based processes while gathering insights for data-driven decision-making has grown significantly in recent years. The use of proper machine learning and applied artificial intelligence have proved tremendous value in this space, giving companies the tools to be more efficient in every department. Being recognized alongside the other vendors in this report is a true testament to our people and the product we have created,” stated Mindbreeze CEO Daniel Fallmann.

The report summarizes, “tech and data leaders can use this report to understand the value they can expect from a document-oriented text analytics platform and to make their selection.”

Mindbreeze offers a Try & Buy to help companies decide if they are the best fit prior to making their vendor selection.

You can inquire about a Try & Buy today: https://inspire.mindbreeze.com/try-buy

Mindbreeze also offers a deep dive into the functional areas they serve on their website: https://inspire.mindbreeze.com/functional-areas


The Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Landscape, Q1 2022 Report was authored by Boris Evelson with contributions from Srividya Sridharan, Brian Hopkins, Stephen Powers, Craig Le Clair, Heidi Shey, Cheryl McKinnon, Alla Valente, Christian Austin, Fayzan Sabri, and Diane Lynch.