Mindbreeze ranks among the top 100 companies in the field of knowledge management

Chicago, IL, March 9, 2020 – Mindbreeze, a leading international provider of appliances and cloud services in the field of information insight, has been ranked among the top 100 companies in the field of knowledge management for the eleventh consecutive year.
"Business process transformation is a critical element for implementing digital business strategies. As part of this transformation process, companies are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to identify existing information efficiently so that they can leverage it to generate added value. Achieving that goal is exactly the focus of our work, backed by many years of experience in supporting clients in this process. Being chosen by KMWorld as well as the positive ratings and recognition from IT analysts is a reflection both of our clients' satisfaction with our products and our ability to implement them," explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.
Mindbreeze InSpire combines traditional search technologies with technological developments from the field of artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret business information from connected company data sources in order to provide concrete answers—so-called actionable insights.
Many of the 2,000 largest companies worldwide are already utilizing the AI-based insight engine Mindbreeze InSpire as a standard product for the intelligent linking, evaluation and provision of information.
Find out how companies are mastering their business process transformation with Mindbreeze in our recent whitepaper “The many facets of digital transformation”.
“Knowledge management software and services providers are embracing a fresh wave of technological innovation to address heightened expectations—among both customers and employees—for the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time,” explains Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld. “To showcase organizations that are advancing their products and capabilities to meet changing requirements, KMWorld created the annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.”
The “Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” are presented in the KMWorld March/April 2020 issue and are available online at kmworld.com.

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