Mindbreeze Launches New Data Center in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL – February 17 2022 – Mindbreeze, a leading provider of information insight appliances and cloud services, is launching another data center in North America hosted by Hivelocity, the leading Bare Metal Cloud Company. The latest data center in Chicago complements existing data centers in Los Angeles.

Due to the rapid cloud customer growth in North America, the necessity for an additional data center with minimal latency and the best connectivity was undeniable. Mindbreeze remains fully committed to on-prem appliances, SaaS, and cloud services. The additional data center allows current and future customers to continually leverage the best of all three deployment types with our hybrid approach and architecture.

Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, explains, "This additional location meets all the technical and economic requirements to run our solutions with the highest energy efficiency and data security. By building out our data center capacities, we at Mindbreeze account for increasing demand for our cloud products. We are grateful for having a partner in Hivelocity who can meet all our customer's demands."

Steve Eschweiler, partner and COO of Hivelocity adds: “Mindbreeze is a model customer for Hivelocity. We’re grateful for the opportunity to power their expansion as their connectivity and colocation infrastructure partner at three of the best-connected buildings in the world.”

Mindbreeze InSpire uses a combination of enterprise search and artificial intelligence to understand company information and provide relevant answers to critical business questions. The actionable insights gained act as an innovation driver for the entire company and generate a sustainable competitive advantage.

Numerous of the world's largest companies - including well-known organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, Lufthansa, and Daimler are already using Mindbreeze's AI-based Insight Engine to manage their information more efficiently and intelligently.


About Hivelocity

As the leading Bare Metal Cloud company, Hivelocity provides Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, Colocation and Cloud Hosting services to customers around the world.

Since 2002, Hivelocity has been building out the largest number of edge locations operated by a true Bare Metal Cloud company.  With 40 locations today, operating in 26 countries, across 6 continents our Bare Metal Cloud reaches 80% of the world’s internet population in under 25 milliseconds.