Mindbreeze InSpire named 2017 Trend-Setting Product

Mindbreeze once again received top marks from the KMWorld jury, winning the prestigious KMWorld Trend-Setting Product Award for their Mindbreeze InSpire application. KMWorld is the leading US magazine for topics relating to knowledge management systems and content and document management.

“The flood of information engulfing companies today makes it both challenging and essential for companies to access all the necessary information from all the available sources in the right context. Our insight engine borrows from the methods of machine learning, deep learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence, and uses them to bundle existing knowledge within the company to extract information and make this data available in its entirety”, explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

“Our 2017 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products result from innovation and imagination, as well as from evolution,” says Sandra Haimila, editor of KMWorld. “The products reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention. More than anything else, the 2017 Trend-Setting Products have captured our attention because of their ability to meet business needs by transforming information into insight.”

Mindbreeze InSpire
Mindbreeze InSpire is a high-performance, versatile enterprise search product (insight engine) and big data solution covering all data sources within a company. A self-learning semantic pipeline ensures content comprehension. This provides the user with a consolidated and continuously up-to-date view on any given topic, such as business cases, customers, or products.

About KMWorld
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