Mindbreeze InSpire awarded placement on G-Cloud

Linz, Austria, February 24, 2015 – The European enterprise search specialist Mindbreeze has been awarded a place upon the G-Cloud 6 Agreement for its Mindbreeze InSpire enterprise search appliance.


Being awarded a place upon the agreement provides a tremendous growth opportunity for Mindbreeze in the UK public sector. Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, was thrilled about the listing: “Our Mindbreeze InSpire appliance is a powerhouse product that hugely benefits companies right out of the box. We are proud to be available upon G-Cloud. Our passion for creating products that get results will serve us well in this crucial arena in the UK. Mindbreeze InSpire is available via our reseller partner Fabasoft Ltd., located in London.”


For Mindbreeze, delivering information is a breeze

Mindbreeze has blazed trails in the Enterprise Search arena for over a decade. The fast and efficient Mindbreeze InSpire appliance gathers information from both internal data sources and cloud applications for company-wide access. By capturing all of a company’s structured and unstructured information, Mindbreeze InSpire scours a company’s wealth of data at lightning speed. Semantic analyses, intelligent search queries, and Mindbreeze InSpire’s unique algorithms combine powerfully to give users all the information they need at a glance, be that a personnel file, customer profile, or product datasheet.


Click here to view the Mindbreeze InSpire G-Cloud listing:



The G-Cloud: the UK’s hub for cloud computing in the public sector

Conceived as a medium for simplifying the buying and selling of digital services in the UK’s public sector, G-Cloud (also known as Government Cloud Computing) has been promoting government-wide adoption of cloud computing since launching in 2012. The initiative draws on cloud computing's ability to foster economic growth through cost- effective, versatile technology as a means of more efficiently and accessibly providing public services.


G-Cloud consists both of framework agreements with service providers that grant public sector organisations access to services and an online store (the “Digital Marketplace”) that lists services covered by the G-Cloud frameworks.


About Mindbreeze

Mindbreeze is a leading European provider of software products for Big Data, Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management. www.mindbreeze.com


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