Mindbreeze and Incentro launch partnership for enterprise search

Incentro and Mindbreeze have launched a partnership in the field of enterprise search. The combined knowledge and expertise held by these companies in the enterprise search sector promise a successful collaboration. Together, Incentro and Mindbreeze will offer innovative enterprise search solutions for large organizations.

Incentro is already active in the field of enterprise search solutions with the Google Search Appliance (GSA). Mindbreeze InSpire will allow Incentro to strengthen its services for on-premises search solutions even further. With Mindbreeze, Incentro will continue to provide its customers with innovative on-premises search solutions, enabling them to further increase their return on information.

Incentro enterprise search solutions enhance the level of self-service and independence of the customers and their employees by making information easily accessible. A good search solution translates into increased conversion on products and information, customer contact center call reduction and an enhanced user experience. In addition, the Mindbreeze appliance can be used as a replacement for the GSA.

As a specialist in enterprise solutions, Incentro’s goal is to optimize the return on information, based on creative, innovative and, above all, relevant solutions like Mindbreeze InSpire.

Incentro and Mindbreeze see a large market for intelligent tools that specialize in the enterprise-wide search of information. Together we can assist customers in this challenge with our product, Mindbreeze InSpire. Mindbreeze has a strong network of international partners and extensive experience with similar migration scenarios.


About Incentro

Incentro is an ICT service provider specializing in online enterprise solutions and business intelligence. Incentro helps organizations to optimize the return on information using creative, innovative and relevant solutions. Specialization, ambition and happiness are core values in Incentro. Over 300 specialists (Incentronauts) have a strong passion for what they do. That’s why Incentro has been awarded the title “Great Place to Work” four years in a row. Incentro, with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey, works with top 500 organizations in Europe.