Mindbreeze and Extended Content Solutions start strategic partnership for enterprise search solutions

London, United Kingdom and Linz, Austria, 19 October 2017Extended Content Solutions (ECS), an expert software solutions and services provider specialising in enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise search, partners with Mindbreeze to offer state-of-the-art knowledge management solutions to their customers.

“Our in-depth knowledge of the ECM arena and the world of enterprise search enables us to transform our clients’ businesses to make the most of their content. Partnering with Mindbreeze provides us with the opportunity to help our customers turn their information into insights”, explains Mahmood Nasir, Managing Director.

Extended Content Solutions knows that in order for an enterprise to use their information (structured and unstructured) effectively and successfully, a full understanding of the business issue coupled with comprehensive knowledge of information management products and solutions is necessary. ECS always works closely with their clients to ensure that both the business and the technical aspects of projects are addressed. With Mindbreeze InSpire, ECS offers an on-premise search appliance to unite business information from company-internal data sources into a single unified semantic index. Mindbreeze InSpire is able to connect with most enterprise information right out of the box, from file shares to leading databases, document management systems, and other enterprise repositories both on premise and in the cloud. Mindbreeze InSpire respects the permissions already used in enterprise repositories.

 “Extended Content Solutions has a proven reputation for delivering excellence. With a dedicated and experienced team committed to innovation and quality, and a philosophy of maximising customer satisfaction, this company fits perfectly with our approach”, says Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

About Extended Content Solutions
Extended Content Solutions, based in London, United Kingdom, is a leading supplier of enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise search solutions and services for large, complex, and high-profile businesses across all business sectors. They partner with the market’s leading technology players such as Mindbreeze, Google, and Microsoft to provide innovative solutions that enable businesses to realise the full potential of their digital assets.