Mindbreeze and BGH Tech Partner launch strategic partnership

Buenos Aires/Linz, March 20, 2019 – BGH Tech Partner and Mindbreeze will begin their strategic partnership to distribute, implement, and support the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance on the Latin American market. BGH Tech Partner has many years of experience in the field of optimization of business processes tailored to different market segments.

“Throughout the years, we have offered solutions related to cloud-based information search. Through this partnership, we not only cover that space but also enrich it with a sophisticated AI engine, which allows us to offer our clients greater coverage. Having already implemented this solution for several clients in Argentina, we expect continued growth in the provision of data management solutions on the Latin American market together with Mindbreeze,” says Pablo Poza, VP of Cloud & Professional Services at BGH Tech Partner.

Optimization of business processes and understanding the meaning of information are key priorities for today’s companies. Mindbreeze InSpire leverages the full power of a sophisticated AI engine to provide actionable insights and answers – not just more data. It is a flexible, high-value Insight Engine at a fair and predictable price that allows companies to meet their business goals in a big data world quickly, efficiently, and without the need for long-term project plans.

"Our partnership with BGH Tech Partner represents a strategically important step in our rapid global growth strategy. Our appliances enable customers to find relevant information in context and to quickly make sense of the correlations. BGH Tech Partner fits perfectly with our company and our guiding principles – we want to provide our customers with a professional solution as quickly as possible," says Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

About BGH Tech Partner

BGH Tech Partner’s mission is to provide innovative technology solutions and professional services designed to meet the needs of infrastructure and the optimization of business processes tailored to different market segments. BGH Tech Partner is located in Argentina with offices in Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Guatemala and serves more than 300 customers in the Latin American region.