Why InSite?

Mindbreeze InSite unlocks structured and unstructured information on web portals, web sites, blogs and social media channels for an enterprise in a semantic search index. Thereby, web site visitors always find the essential enterprise information first.

Search Types
Finds everything.

Search documents on your website.

Mindbreeze InSite doesn't just make HTML text available but also all document content on your website.Regardless of whether PDF documents, Microsoft Office documents or emails. Your website visitors find all the relevant search results.

InSite Data Sources
Finds across multiple websites.

The perfect search for customer web portals.

Unite the knowledge of all your company's websites. Because website visitors don't care where the information they need is - they just want to find it!

Facettes on futurezone.at
The most important search result first.

The ordering and relevance of the search results can be customised.

You can decide what search results Mindbreeze InSite should display first. A search for "Apple" for example, should first deliver search results for Apple Inc. products (iPad, iPhone etc.) and then for the fruit.

Facette Author
Finds the quickest way.

Dynamic navigation through semantics.

Mindbreeze Insite creates semantic correlations and uses this to generate dynamic navigation tips for website users. Adapted for their search context.

Search Report
Shows what your website visitors can't find.

And helps you to optimise the information you offer.

Mindbreeze InSite creates reports for website searches. This makes it clear what website visitors haven't been able to find. This valuable information facilitates the continuous optimisation of website content according to concrete needs.

Responsive Search
Illuminates your mobile business.

Responsive search: Adapts to all form factors.

Website visitors nowadays often search websites using tablets and smartphones. Mindbreeze InSite ensures that search results are perfectly displayed on all mobile devices.

Cloud Computing
Maximum Benefit. Minimum effort.

Website search as a cloud service.

Mindbreeze InSite automatically makes all the information on your website available in a semantic search index. Overnight. No need to purchase hardware or install software. No implementation project. Embed the search field in your website and let your website visitors wake up to enjoy a whole new finding experience. With breathtaking speed, even for large scale websites.

Simply cloud computing.

Awards of Mindbreeze InSite
Multiple Awards.

Mindbreeze received the award „Trend Setting Product“ of the year from the leading US magazine KMWorld four times in a row. Constant agile product innovation are the main reasons for this ongoing success.